The Way we Work

  • Requirements & Needs assessment, that are aligned with the organization business goals
  • Focus on business challenges and pain points
  • Focus on key players, hidden resource and networks
  • Design an efficient solution that will fit into the way the organization works
  • Create the proposed solution
  • Go live, facilitate adoption
  • Evaluate gained value using the SAVE model

The effective work plan for successful implementation is always on three levels: Processes & Culture, Content, Technology


Culture and Processes

What kind of culture do we want to establish? Do we want to encourage people to share and collaborate using best practice and experience? What means will we create to encourage collaboration? How do we start?

Main Questions

Two main questions will be addressed: what do we want to achieve, and how do we do it. The focus is on: how do we improve the way we work to serve the organization’s targets


What are we going to talk about? What are the first topics that we should start with? What are the main use cases? What are the priorities, potential roadblocks and bottlenecks? How do we implement a phased approach to facilitate success.

Main Questions

Cross organizational processes, improve sales processes, improve the flow  of technical knowledge, project management, internal communications


There is a common belief that technology will solve organizational challenges, the “bring it and they will come” misconception. Yet, technology is just a tool. And we make sure the tool will fit to the hand that is using it, not the other way around.

Main Questions

What are the Pro's and Con's of suggested tools? How do they relate to our natural work environment? How do they connect to other systems?

Use Case Methodology

By addressing simultaneously the three levels of culture, content and technology, we will define the best use cases and the best route to bring quick wins value to the company.

Together we will create a strategic plan that will walk us through the required actions to create a valuable social business strategy. We will use proven tools and techniques that are used successfully in leading global companies and implement them to match and fulfil the strategy