SAVE Model – Social Added Value Enterprise

How did we connect with friends and family before Facebook and LinkedIn?

Suddenly we have so many groups on  WhatsApp that effect our daily life?

When investing in Information Systems we talk about ROI. Assessing the value of any platform is a challenge not only by calculating the effort but mainly since once it is adopted we do not remember how we worked without it.

 The theory of Social Networks discussed 40 years ago the "strength of weak ties" in a paper published by Granovetter. Today more than ever it is clear that the social networks strengthen the weak ties of all of us. A unique model developed by us will show the value in several aspects:


  • The strength of connection between people
  • The frequency of the connection
  • The trust
  • The flow of information




The model will check the readiness of the company to adopt social network before and after according to these parameters.

We believe in the McKinsy model – reward for the value we bring.